At MedPlaya Management Services we always prioritize excellence and are committed to providing the highest quality and service to our clients. One of the companies within our group, Quickchef, specialized in the production of fifth-range foods and products, has recently obtained the FSSC22000 certification, a standard developed by Food Safety System Certification to ensure food safety in the industry.

This certification is recognized at the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives) level, the global food safety initiative that aims to improve efficiency and transparency in certified companies.

At Quickchef, we have invested time, resources, and efforts to obtain this certification, adapting and implementing a quality management system that complies with the necessary technical requirements and regulations. For the team, achieving the FSSC22000 certification is a significant challenge, and the result has been very satisfying, reflecting once again the company’s commitment to food safety.

In our case, the processing and service of a wide variety of foods can be a complex process. Inadequate controls and poor hygiene can lead to significant incidents of food safety with adverse consequences. Any failure in the supply chain can result in unsafe products and high-impact incidents, leading to a loss of consumer confidence.

The FSSC 22000 certification brings numerous benefits and assurances for both Quickchef and its customers:

  • This allows us to be more competitive, as major food chains endorse GFSI standards, so obtaining this certification enables us to compete in global markets.
  • Focusing on food safety ensures the production of safer products, as tools have been developed to manage risks optimally throughout the supply chain. This management will also serve as a point of continuous improvement as standards evolve.
  • Resource optimization: Certifying a food company in the GFSI system eliminates duplications in various training programs and audits, allowing us to concentrate on our business objectives. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of errors that can tarnish the company’s image and, consequently, lead to financial losses.
  • Enhancing internal performance, helping to instill an intrinsic attitude in employees to tackle day-to-day challenges.

In summary, food safety is a fundamental pillar in the tourism sector. Ensuring the quality and safety of the food and beverages offered by tourism companies is not only essential for customer health and satisfaction but also contributes to maintaining a strong and appealing reputation in the industry.

In this context, at MedPlaya Management Services, we believe that food safety is both a responsibility and an opportunity to stand out in a highly competitive market.

The attainment of the FSSC22000 certification by Quickchef is a significant milestone in our ongoing pursuit of ensuring food safety and quality in our range of solutions and services. Remaining true to our values, our goal is to continue improving every day to become the ideal partner in the production of food products.