Agustí Codina – CEO

Specialist in the legal field, with over 30 years of experience in corporate management, currently holds the position of CEO and President of the group.

Eloi Fàbrega – IT Director

Specialist in technological development, with over 25 years leading technical teams, oversees the development of technical and digital services.

Lídia Aldeguer – Human Resources Director

Specialist in people and organizational development, with over 30 years managing human resources areas, oversees talent and people management areas.

Agustí Bosch – Franchise and Legal-Commercial Department Director

Specialist in the legal-commercial sector, with more than 30 years of experience in service sector companies, oversees the management of legal and commercial processes of the group.

Roger Calafell – Commercial Director

Specialist in commercial distribution and hotel marketing, with over 15 years of experience implementing Revenue Management strategies, oversees commercial and marketing management.

Tomàs Codina – Expansion Director

Specialist in financial management, with experience in operations and purchasing areas, oversees the expansion and development of the chain.

David Maldonado – Chief Financial Officer

Specialist in economics, with over 15 years of experience in financial management, oversees financial, planning, and cost control areas

Gemma Saquero – Purchasing Manager

Specialist in purchasing, negotiation, and procurement, with over 18 years of experience in service companies, oversees the group’s corporate purchases.

Jordi Avellí – Operations Director

Specialist in hotel operations, with over 20 years of experience in executive, strategic, and commercial management in hotel chains, oversees operations management.

Jonatan Laguna – Director of the Industrial Division

Industrial specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the management of industrial companies, oversees the industrial area management of the group.

Daniel Colomer – Project Director

Specialist in project development, with over 20 years of experience in the construction sector, oversees the organization and management of new hotel projects in the field of renovations and new facilities.