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Hotel Management Services

We manage hotels, hotel chains or asset portfolios for owner managers or institutional owners. With more than 50 years of experience, we take care of all aspects of business strategy with an emphasis on quality of service and revenues, maximizing the potential of your assets.

Our “full service” management includes everything from the management of the facilities to the relationship with guests, including purchases, food and beverage, risk prevention, cleaning and hygiene or entertainment, as well as all operational aspects, from human resources and talent management to IT solutions.

Hotel Marketing and Sales

We strategically manage the multi-channel marketing strategy of your hotel or hotel chain. We define the most appropriate sales strategy, managing contracting, distribution agreements, the relationship with OTAs, centralized booking management and revenue management.

We take care of every key aspect of your hotel’s marketing, from planning and forecasts to pricing strategies, campaigns, and activations. We manage your CRM and all your direct sales through e-commerce, call centres or other channels, always with the aim of maximizing your results.

Auxiliary services for the hotel industry

Our management solutions for hotels offer a comprehensive service, including advice in the financial and legal area, as well as business development, risk management and loss prevention.

We advise establishments for the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, environmental impact management and obtaining all the necessary and recommended certifications.

Development of hotel projects

We help institutional owners and investors to develop and select investment opportunities in hotel projects.

We manage the development of hotel brands, concepts and projects, from viability plans to the development of budgets, business plans and construction and design projects.

Strategic reporting solutions

Our reporting solutions offer our clients valuable information for decision making processes. Using advanced data analysis tools, we collect and process key occupancy, revenue, expense and profitability information, presenting the data in clear and concise reports tailored to the addressee.

In this way, we help our clients identify trends and areas for improvement in their operations, adjust financial strategies and make informed decisions that help maximize the profitability of their establishments.

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