Sustainability and the implementation of environmentally friendly systems and processes have always been crucial for our hotel chain. We have recently received the Ecostars Certification in all of our hotels, with an average score of 2.11, a particularly positive assessment that positions us above the Spanish and international average. In addition, six of our hotels have obtained a rating of 3 Ecostars, while 5 Ecostars is the maximum score and a very difficult figure to achieve.

Ecostars is a specific sustainability certification for hotels that grants eco-stars based on the environmental impact per stay that a hotel has. Despite being a very recently created accreditation, it is already recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT) and is part of the Spanish Tourism Board and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). To date, more than 500 hotels have been certified in multiple countries, making Ecostars one of the most prominent sustainability labels in the world.

When making its assessments, Ecostars takes into account multiple axes of sustainability: energy and water efficiency through a statistical model calculated through an algorithm, and compared with benchmarks of similar hotels; calculation and compensation of CO₂ emissions; waste selective separation and recycling processes; use of renewable energy; sustainable sources of energy and raw materials; social ethics and sustainable food.

The valuations are understood as a process and not as a final objective. It begins with the initial valuation, which gives the starting point in which the hotel is located. Subsequently, the criteria for going up to the following levels are clearly defined, as well as the different tools to achieve it, so that each hotel has visibility and a clear continuous improvement plan. Likewise, the certificate is valid for three years and can be reclassified in case of substantial improvements in the tourist establishment.

At MedPlaya Hotels we know that sustainability has become a factor that is increasingly valued by travellers, to the point of being a requirement when selecting a place to stay. For this reason, for years we have had the objective of converting our hotels into accommodations that are 100% respectful with the environment. Little by little, we are achieving it through different lines of action. The certification granted to us values ​​our effort and motivates us to continue working towards a more sustainable tourism.