The main objective of any company is to attract new customers. If those customers also come back, talk about us and trust our brand, we will ensure that our ultimate goal is not just “to sell”, but also that our own audience gives value to the brand. So we need to attract customers, but also retain them.

Something that seems very simple a priori sometimes is not that simple. In fact, it requires hard marketing and monitoring work to get the same customer to consume our product or service again.

How can we get our clients to trust our brand and not only repeat, but recommend us? We will explain it to you below.


Humanize the attention

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind. It is essential to always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. A high degree of understanding and empathy are key for our clients to feel that we think like them. Honesty and transparency are our best keys to building trust.


Personalize the experience

The experience must also be personalized. The details make the difference and in this case, it could not be less. Surprise, please and understand the needs of your client, letting him know, will make him feel closer and linked with your company.


Develop a customer database

It should be as complete and structured as possible to be able to send quality marketing content by email. Elaborating it is a slow and progressive task but very effective. Likewise, the aesthetic care and the transparency and clarity of the content sent is vital: it is useless to strive to maintain a flow of nutrition with our clients if we do not take care of the content offered.


Create a loyalty program

We must reward customers who trust us, who repeat and remain loyal to our brand. It is essential that the client feels that he wins with us, that his loyalty is rewarded, and for this reason, we must show him that we not only provide him with our services or products, but that we value his trust.


The success of our business depends mainly on the relationship we create with our clients, since it is not only about satisfying their needs, but about creating a bond of trust that generates commitment and produces loyalty in them. Contact MedPlaya Management Services for more information on how to build customer loyalty.


Laura Herrero Macías – Loyalty & Community Manager