There are very few hotels today that do not have a presence on social media. Online channels have become an essential tool to reach wider and more dispersed audiences, manage bookings and interact with guests. In return, customers can now also freely relate their experience at the hotel, talk about the treatment received from the staff, the quality of the stay, the prices… generating a multidirectional dialogue between guest and hotel. Moreover, these reviews can be both positive and negative, and it is necessary to know how to manage both types in order to protect the reputation of our hotel.

Nowadays, we must take into account that there is an uncountable number of channels where reviews are published: Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Booking and other OTAs and even our own website. The reputation of our hotel, and even our chain, is constantly at stake. It is therefore necessary to review the platforms on an absolutely regular basis, providing a positive and proactive image for the customer and the company’s image. It is essential for hotel operators to invest time in responding to user feedback. As soon as users see that it is possible to establish a dialogue with the establishment, they feel that their attention is complete and this contributes to a positive image of the business in question.

Guests can leave reviews that include positive, negative or constructive comments. In the first instance, positive comments should always be acknowledged and, if appropriate, planned updates or related services can be mentioned. As for negative comments, it is essential not to lose face and to maintain professionalism. Such a response will be read not only by the reviewer, but also by anyone interested in staying at your hotel.

If the review contains a specific complaint, you should point out what has been done to solve the problem and thus communicate to every reader that the problem has been solved. It is also advisable to emphasise the positive aspects and the company’s proactivity in resolving problems and dealing with complaints. Finally, constructive comments should be taken as an opportunity for improvement for the hotel because they can help to optimise the company’s experience and services in the long term.

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