Where does communication with our customers begin? And where does it end?

Any company (regardless of the sector to which it belongs) which intends to bring its product to any consumer, understands the value of communication. That is why we accept that marketing is an activity of great relevance in the initial process of marketing the product, so that our commercial actions, through the development of marketing strategies, represent the beginning of communication with future clients. 

Commercial actions culminate in the conversion of visits to our website or requests for information on confirmed reservations. It is at that moment when we fully control the communication with our customers, in addition to having the ability to measure the volume of our sales.

It is common for such communication to be extended after the client’s stay through satisfaction forms or newsletters, but… What happens with communication during the stay? How do we reach our guests? Can we measure the success of our messages and the effectiveness of communication channels?


The digitization of information

Tourism, like the industry it is, stands as the ideal setting to show and test any technological, social, culinary, IT innovation, etc. that is in vogue in society; it is for this reason that it is the industry that leads the service sector.

Both communication and information show a trend towards digitization, so the success of our message is achieved by reaching the maximum possible number of clients staying in our accommodations, and even more so if we do it through their electronic devices, see telephones or tablets.


From paper to screen

In just one year we have been forced to accept some changes; many of them have been applied to avoid physical contact, so it is more than usual not to ask for the restaurant menu when we sit at a table, but instead, we activate the camera of our devices to view it through the use of a QR code.

In that sense, we have developed an interface that aims to be comfortable for guests, hosted by trusted companies that offer us both technical support and constant updates.

At MedPlaya we have developed this communication channel with clients and we consider it to be a tool of great value and importance, since it allows us to measure and collect some values ​​that help us evaluate the success of the content of our messages and the reaction of users. 

The QR code is not exclusively limited to reading menus in our restaurants or bars, but it also allows us to adapt technology in order to take advantage of this channel and offer useful information, such as information on entertainment activities and shows, local information, information about the hotel or the loyalty program.


A picture is worth a thousand words

The digitization of information, as we have pointed out in previous lines, is almost an obligation, so we continue to bet on the tools that technology gives us to offer clear and dynamic information.

The videowalls are an ideal support to offer attractive information to guests during their stay, since these large screens are located in key points of the hotel: reception, main bar, restaurant, etc. Since it is a visual support with internet access, we can program the content and modify it instantly, when necessary. These screens perform an informative task that replaces the old physical panels.


Communication is a value

Far from having exclusively a commercial function, communication provides a series of possibilities that the guest values, therefore it places the hotel in a position of trust and transparency that shows the willingness to listen and attend to the requests of our clients.


From MedPlaya Management Services we will continue developing and exploring the channels and technologies necessary to maintain useful and effective communication. Contact us for more information.