With the advent of Covid-19 and the global pandemic, health and safety have become even more important to customers, and indeed to tourism in general. It is clear that having lived through the past 12 months, customers are now not just making their choice of hotels for their future stays based on the usual criteria of destination and price, but now more than ever, a high importance is being placed on Safety Measures.

This provides us with a real opportunity to use our Safety Measures as a theme for a marketing and communication campaign. Here are the steps you should take in order to develop your Safety Measures into a clear reason for customers to choose your hotel:

  • Write up your Safety Measures in an easy-to-understand format for your customers. Avoid technical jargon and use a reassuring tone and language.
  • Combine the text with a visual format making the points very clear.
  • Create a branded product out of your Safety Measures, collating the points under a title or name – for example for MedPlaya the product is StaySafe with its own logo.

  • Ensure the Safety Measures product is very visible on your website with links from the Home Page.
  • Legitimize your Safety Measures with certification logos on your website from the audit companies used in your hotel and promote any other local endorsements your hotel receives from local authorities regarding your hotel’s Health & Safety Procedures.
  • Communicate the Safety Measures on your social networks and follow up with posts about certification and local authority endorsements and certificates.
  • Ensure there are photos and/or a video on your website endorsing the written Safety Measures visually showing customers the key points in place in your hotel.
  • Develop a simple one-page document for customers highlighting the key safety features and how they can help ensure the safety measures in your hotel are adhered to- thereby promoting collective responsibility.
  • Attach Safety Information for customers to your reservation confirmation voucher.
  • When customers contact you for information regarding your Safety Measures reply in a reassuring tone and direct them to the relevant section on your website.
  • In the hotel: ensure all signage for guests to follow Safety Measures are in place in all areas of the hotel and are very visible.
  • At check-in provide information to guests regarding Safety Measures, preferably digitally or via printed material.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of your Safety Measure campaign and can also promote to customers.
  • Communicate your Safety Measures to all key Commercial Partners, so they can also promote the safety levels in your hotel, and provide them with reassurance that your hotel is providing high standards in health and safety.
  • Reply to all reviews posted about Health & Safety emphasizing your Safety Product and the utmost importance placed on safety in your hotel.
  • At all times transmit confidence, trust and care in your communications regarding Safety Measures.

At MedPlaya Management Services, we can help you develop your own Safety Measures Communication Plan to use in promoting your hotel commercially. Contact us for more information.