Within the framework of the conference “Diversity and inclusion: a challenge for companies in the context of the SDGs” held in September 2021, the Integralia DKV Foundation and COCEMFE organized an event in which the commitment of people and institutions committed to the disability in Alicante. “Hand in hand with Integralia DKV, we are going to value the work and day-to-day work of the administration, the company and the people, for the real inclusion of people with disabilities”, declared Antonio Ruescas, president of COCEMFE Alicante.

The ceremony began with a welcome phase that included various interventions, such as the one by the General Director of the Integralia DKV Foundation, Cristina González; the one of the 2nd Vice President of the Alicante Provincial Council, Ana Serna; or the one of the CEO of DKV and President of the Integralia Foundation, Josep Santacreu. This was followed by a round table entitled “Employment, a health factor for people with disabilities” moderated by David Camps, Head of Social Innovation at DKV Seguros; and to conclude, a press conference and awards ceremony was held.

Within the four categories (Families with Tenacity, Socially Responsible Company, Public Administration with Soul and Professional Career), MedPlaya Management Services was awarded in the category of Socially Responsible Company “for the faithful collaboration with the COCEMFE Labor Insertion Service through direct hiring, “in the job” training and the reception of students in internships”, as announced by the organizers.

At MedPlaya Management Services we are thankful for the received recognition that highlights our commitment. It is the obligation of companies to raise awareness and promote jobs that include all people and accept functional diversity, therefore, we commit to continue working for inclusion in the world of work to create an employment model without challenges nor barriers in all our hotel establishments.