Tourist entertainment

Entertainment has become a strategic asset that adds great value to holiday establishments. For many clients, as a matter of fact, it is an essential service that will make them decide on one accommodation or another, especially if they are accompanied by the smallest of the family.

We understand tourist entertainment as the set of activities that are carried out by an individual or group of people to stimulate their tourist participation and involve them more in their vacations, all with the aim of increasing the tourist’s recreational enjoyment, making their vacation time more fun and participatory.

This must be seen as something participatory, informative, interesting, unique and exciting, which facilitates and increases the exchange of relationships between all the people who are in the same establishment, thus creating new friendships and expanding the knowledge of tourists about the culture, customs and traditions of the place visited.


The role of the animator

As a result of the development and innovation of the tourism sector in the past few years, the tourism industry has experienced an important boom, consolidating itself as a department within the hotel organizational structure, as important as other departments such as human resources, or the commercial.

The large tourist companies are the ones that have the largest entertainment departments, however, this demand is currently expanding to smaller chains such as vacation cities, campsites, hostels, etc.

As a result, the figure of the entertainer acquires a very important role and constitutes a key piece in the leisure offer of an establishment. The function of the entertainer is just as relevant as that of the receptionist or waiter, therefore, they must be trained professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge ranging from languages, sports, recreational activities, theatre, dance and child psychology, among others.

In addition, their relationship with guests goes beyond a mere interaction at certain times of the stay, becoming a key figure that puts the guest in contact with the vacation environment. A bond is created that many times will remain in the memory of the guests, especially that of the smallest guests.

We can affirm that children’s animation is as fundamental or more than one of adults, since a happy child is equivalent to a satisfied father and mother. Therefore, it is necessary to organize and schedule various activities that capture their attention. One option is to form a “Mini Club”, or exclusive space for the little ones, where gymkhanas, crafts, theatres, balloon twisting, face painting and theme days are held.

For adults, on the other hand, wellness activities such as pilates, yoga, thai chi, or aquagym, water polo, aerobics, or batuka can be organized. There is also room for artistic activities such as ballroom dancing or line dancing, and professional shows that make hotel nights fun and unique.


Animation according to MedPlaya Management

At MedPlaya Management Services we take care of every aspect of our vacation establishments and pay special attention to tourist entertainment. We design programs adapted to all types of tourists and a variety of tastes in order to satisfy and integrate each and every one of our clients into the establishment. We want our guests to feel at home and not be mere spectators and actively participate in entertainment services.

To offer a quality entertainment service, our teams of professionals organize the activities with great care and spend a lot of time rehearsing and practising the shows. It is essential that the client enjoys and has a good time and this can only be achieved with a lot of work and will.

Over the years we have realized that tourist entertainment is a fundamental and strategic pillar of our establishments, since it contributes to customer loyalty and to obtaining repetitive customers. For this reason, we value the free time of travellers and we always try to offer a personalized and quality service.


If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our Medplaya Management Services team, we will be happy to help you and expand this information or other information related to our services.