At a time as crucial as the one we are living in, the strategic decisions taken by hotel companies and the security measures they implement play a fundamental role in the perception of their customers. The expansion of Covid-19 has put the well-being and safety of professionals and clients at stake, and it is a challenge to maintain activities without putting anyone at risk. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the company to find a balance and that it adjusts to the demands that the situation requires. Below we explain which these basic measures are and how to implement them successfully from a human resources perspective.


  • First, a direct and specific communication channel must be established with the staff to resolve doubts and report on relevant situations for the operation of the company, such as the action plan and its status at all times. In line with this, it is essential to establish protocols that are based on the advice of local and national authorities.


  • Another essential point is to cooperate with the different departments to keep a record of the health status of all personnel and update it regularly, and above all to keep in mind who are the people at risk (vulnerable personnel) and guarantee their safety through measures such as distance between worker and worker, and the distribution of personal protective equipment.


  • Concerning the previous requirement, it is also necessary to identify risks in the workplace and reinforce health and safety measures if the situation requires it.


  • It is also essential to establish a fluid communication mechanism with the staff at all levels during the Covid-19, quickly capture the needs of the team, coordinate resources to return to normal work rhythms; and guarantee the physical and mental health of the workforce.


  • On the other hand, it is necessary to facilitate the reincorporation of workers at work through a protocol that includes training in preventive measures for Covid-19, one online and basic with general content, and a face-to-face one and more specific that highlights the action measures and procedures related to each job and the reopening rules established in each centre.


  • However, Covid-19 tests must also be carried out, preventive measures must be taken to move from home to the workplace, when entering and leaving, risk areas must be marked with preventive advice posters, adequate workstations, reduce capacity, clean, disinfect, ventilate and properly manage waste, and set specifications on how common areas (toilets, changing rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) and personal protective equipment should be used (gloves, masks, hydroalcoholic gels).


  • Finally, the staff must be informed about how to proceed in case symptoms appear, how to identify them and how to communicate with the company in these cases. And opt for other work organization systems such as teleworking if the situation allows it.


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