In a world where technology predominates in almost all spheres of society and where the emergence of Covid-19 has made us rely even more on contactless systems, it was to be expected that sooner or later technological advances would also predominate in the industry hotel. Currently, many hotel services are betting on touchless solutions in order to improve customer service and facilitate all processes, guaranteeing the safety of both the worker and the customer at all times. Next we will talk about 5 contactless solutions that you should know and that you can implement in your hotel establishment.


Digital check-in and check-out

The first contactless solution is to carry out online check-in and check-out, which aims for guests to manually add their data or scan their identity document (ID or passport) before arriving at the hotel. This will not only improve the customer’s experience, since he will avoid long waits at the reception and will be able to enter their room in the shortest possible time, but it will also increase their security by not having to exchange documents with the receptionist and by not meeting other guests, thus avoiding unnecessary crowds.


Digital room keys

The second solution has to do with the removal of keys. If we combine the online check-in solution with a mobile application to access the rooms (mobile key) with a token or facial biometrics, we avoid the use of keys and thus ensure that customers do not have to exchange with reception or their Identity document or access code to the room, which is a very positive point for the times in which we live.


Voice controlled elevators

A third highly recommended option is the introduction of voice controlled elevators. This technology would work through a device that is installed near the elevator call button and also inside the elevator itself. The customer should only say which floor he/she wants to go up to and the elevator will take him/her there. It is a technology little used, since companies like Otis and ThyssenKrupp were doing the pilot projects until recently, but we are sure that we will soon see it in more than one establishment.


Mobile messaging

A fourth solution is mobile messaging. This provides hotels with a way to offer clients a comfortable and open line of personalized communication, without any type of physical interaction. Mobile messaging solutions for hotels, which were already growing rapidly long before Covid-19, are now an effective and efficient answer. This method can also be used to send an automatic pre-arrival message to let customers know that you are waiting for them, in which you can include a link to a dedicated URL containing relevant information about the hotel and invite them to communicate to you if they have any questions or special requests, making the service better.


Contactless orders and payments

To conclude, a final solution has to do with contactless orders and payments. Contactless ordering takes place when customers can order what they would like to drink and pay for without needing to be in close proximity to other customers or restaurant staff. The customer only has to scan with the mobile a QR code that is displayed on their table and it will take them instantly to the digital menu.


If you need advice on which touchless solutions are most suitable for your hotel establishment, do not hesitate to contact our Medplaya Management Services team, we will be happy to advise you.